Saturday, January 29, 2011

The book of life

Ayussinte Pusthakam' 
(a play in Malayalam) 

What is sin? 
It must have begun from the Bible itself.
But it has varied forms as seen through the eyes of religion, the individual, time and space
Yet in some ways they are all one,
and all of them view spontaneous male-female relationships are are aberrations.
the snake and Satan never desert us..
As we recognize the evils of caste ism, sati ... How many things are yet to be recognized and and fought against?
'Ayussinte pusthakam' is about the the suppressed sexuality of the people of Kerala. People who live below the poverty line of sexuality,
and the misery it creates when that venom is spit out.
it is a dialectical analysis from and of a land known for political assassinations and sexual abuse.